Creating A New DUN Configuration :

On the Desktop, click the Start button and select Settings and click Dial-Up Networking from the menus.

The Dial-Up Networking window appears.

Double click the icon Make New Connection.

If you've never created a dial-up networking connection before, the following screen will appear:

Click the Next button to continue.

Note: If you have created a connection previously, continue to the next screen.

The Make New Connection window appears.

Type a name for the computer you are dialing = VIF Internet

Select a device = Select the modem from the drop-down list. There should only be one listed.

Click the Next button to continue.

  • Area code = Leave the area code field blank.
  • Telephone number = Enter our Dial-up phone numbers closest near you
  • Country or region code = Canada (1) always

Click the Next button to continue.

You're done with the initial configuration.

Click the Finish button.

Right click the connection and select Create Shortcut from the menu.

The following window will pop-up to tell you that you can't create a shortcut here. You don't want it here, anyway.

Click the Yes button to put the shortcut on your Desktop.

The shortcut will look like the picture below:

Click on it to connect to the Internet. Open your browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.) to surf or your e-mail program (Outlook Express, Netscape Mail, etc.) to get your e-mail.

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