Internet Phone Service

Get rid of your costly landline and save on long distance! Internet Phone services pile up the savings and add every function you've ever dreamed about.

* Please Note *

Because of the nature of the VoIP system, your phone service will be down if there is a power outage or if your internet connection is otherwise interrupted. The use of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS/battery backup) is recommended.

Important note regarding calls to 911

Calling to 911 will require identification of city and province, where the call will redirected to a local center requiring your complete address. Since the call is originating from the internet, emergency vehicles will not be dispatched if a loss of communication occurs (unlike e911).

Monthly Price

$14.95/month (*)

  • Free calls to Canada and the U.S. (5)
  • Exceptions for Free Calls: Alaska/Hawaii/Northwest Territories/Yukon/Nunavut
  • Activation fee: none
  • Residential use only! (14)

*Conditional to using pre-authorised payments or recurring credit card payments. Clients with no credit cards or pre-authorised payment method will be required to pay $19.95 (monthly only) for the service.

Yearly Price

$12.95/month 1

  • Free calls to Canada and the U.S. (5)
  • Exceptions for Free Calls: Alaska/Hawaii/Northwest Territories/Yukon/Nunavut
  • Activation fee: none
  • Residential use Only! (14)
  1. Yearly plans must be pre-paid for the whole year in advance during first month of service.

International Rates

  • Hawaii $0.06
  • Alaska $0.39
  • Northwest Territories $0.39

Price List Updated 03/07/2011

Included Services and functions

  • Standard 911 Calls (e911 *not* available)
  • Caller Display (number only)
  • Caller Display on Call Waiting
  • Email Voicemail: Included
  • Regular Voicemail: Included
  • 3 way conference
  • Caller ID Block
  • Call Forward
  • Busy Call Forward
  • 7/7 Technical support

Charged Services

  • 411 Calls are 3.00$/call
  • 900 Calls are disabled
  • Collect calls are disabled

Sign Up Options


Don't have a phone number to transfer? No problem, We provide New Phone numbers for FREE in these locations. No Activation or Transfer Fees!

  • Montreal (514)
  • Chicoutimi (418)
  • Granby (450)
  • Sherbrooke (819)
  • Quebec (418)
  • Trois Rivieres (819)
  • Ottawa (613)
  • Toronto (647,416)

More will be added soon, please call us to find out which areas will be available in the near future.

Optional items

Payment Options

Purchase conditions

  1. New phone number available only in the 514, 418, 450 (Granby only), 613 & 647 areas; Other areas available when transferring existing number.
  2. Service Fee of $20 for cancellation before activation.
  3. Service must be unconditionally active for a minimum of 1 month starting activation date.
  4. Service invoicing not dependent on usage. You are responsible for cancellation of your account if you do not wish to use it.
  5. Unlimited Long Distance anywhere in Canada and the United States.
  6. Service may only be terminated on the last day of current billing period, with a minimum of 7 business days prior notice.
  7. Quality and availability of service dependent on High-Speed service and other conditions not always under our control.
  8. Intercom/Interphone & Alarms systems are not supported using a voip line. Please take caution how this service might affect you.
  9. VIF Internet may discontinue any subscription at any time upon one week notice to the customer.
  10. VIF Internet does not re-purchase used Internet Phone Modules under any circumstance.
  11. Module package includes Module, power supply and Ethernet cable.
  12. Prices on this page do not include taxes.
  13. Prices, policies and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.
  14. Promotions and rebates offered for new clients only.
  15. Residential Use consists of 3000 minutes per month. Calls over 3000 minutes will be considered as commercial. Extra fees will apply
  16. By signing up with any VIF plan you automatically and unconditionally agree to the terms and conditions, even if they have not all been explained to you explicitly.
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