Windows VISTA High Speed Connection

1. Press Start


2. Right click on Network and click Properties and it will bring up the Network and Sharing Center.


3. Now click on Set up a connection or a network link on the left side


4. Now Make sure the Connect to the Internet is highlighted and press Next

5. Choose Broadband (PPPoE) for the type of connection we are creating

6. Enter your username (remember at the end!) and your password. Remember to check the Save Password box also add the name of the ISP which is VIF ADSL and check the Allow other people to use this connection. Then press Connect

7. Right away press Skip on the bottom so we could continue finishing the installation.

8. Now click on the Set up the connection anyway

9. Thats it now press Close. Now we proceed in making a shortcut on the desktop.

10. Now you'll end up back at the Network and Sharing Center. Press Manage Network Connections link on the left side and the Network Connections will open up.

11. Right click on VIF ADSL and press Create Shortcut

12. You'll get an error message saying that the shortcut cannot be created here and must be placed on the desktop. Just press Yes.

13. Once thats done, close all the windows and head back to the desktop. Double click on VIF ADSL - Shortcut

14. Final Step. Just press Connect! There you go enjoy your high speed connection through Windows Vista!

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