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 +===== Setting the Versa Xpress VER170PR In Router Mode (New Firmware) =====
 +To configure the Versa Xpress modem/router to let it stay connected 24/7, you will need to edit a few configuration before log in into it.
 +1. Click on **Start**, then go on **Control Panel**.\\
 +2. Open **Network Connection**.\\
 +3. In here, you're going to choose your **Local Area Connection** which is your network adapter card. When you have it selected, **right click** and go to "Properties".\\
 +4. In here, select **Internet Protocols (TCP/IP)**, then click **Properties**.\\
 +5. Put the option on **Use the following IP** and put the IP address listed on the image. Then click on 
 +**OK** on the other windows, and everything.\\
 +6. Now, open a **browser**, in the address bar, type It will prompt you login window. Type **admin** for the User Name and **password** for the Password, then click **OK**.\\
 +7. Click on "Advanced Setup"
 +8. Then Click the 3rd Edit option, at the end of the Column 0/35.
 +9. Click on next, keep the same information on this page. Be Careful! Make sure it says VPI 0/ VCI 35.
 +10. Select PPP Over Ethernet (PPPoE) and click next.
 +11. Write down your User name and password in the case where it ask you to as shown.
 +12. Check "Bridge PPPoE Frames Between WAN and Local Ports (Default Enabled)".
 +13. Click next.
 +14. Check "Enable NAT" and click Next.
 +15. And finally, click on save and let it save the information that you changed.
 +16. One Final Step. Click on LAN on the left and choose the Enable DHCP Server Option and press Save/Reboot Button and wait 2 mins until it refreshes and the Modem is finally set in Router mode.
 +In a few minutes, try to browse the internet, you should be able to surf now. If it doesnt work, check the DSL Status to see if your connected or not.
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