V.92 Information

We now fully support the V.92 protocol on our servers. But what is V.92? It's a new protocol used by 56k (dialup) modems, that add a few very nice functions:

  • Faster page displays, up to 100% faster (V.44 Compression protocol).
  • Modem-On-Hold™ (take calls while on the internet).
  • Quick Connect (faster dial-up connection).
  • Faster file uploads.

Feature Details

Faster Downloads

Thanks to the new V.44 compression system, browsing the web and downloading text-type files is faster. Your mileage may vary, but our own tests indicate webpage download to be as much as a whooping 15k/s , and a plain text file (.txt) download up to 25k/s. We have to stress out here that we did the tests on a commercial line (which in our case is clear of interference), so home users might not get this type of results. It also depends on the quality of your modem, the age of your modem drivers, and a few other things.


Important Note: It is necessary to have Call Waiting on your phone line to use this option!
One of the main reasons V.92 was created, was to provide an alternative to High-Speed connections, in regions where the service was not available. When someone calls you, the phone rings and the internet is put “on hold” from our servers, so you can pick up the receiver and talk to the person (up to a limit of 16 minutes). If you decide to hang up, internet transmissions will resume as before, but if you decide to continue talking after 16 minutes, then the internet is cut out and you will have to reconnect to the internet afterwards.

Quick Connect

The V.92 introduces Quick Connect and a shorter handshake sequence (when you actually connect to the internet), which can speed up your initial connection to the internet by as much as 30 to 40%. However, our own internal test did now show any improvements. It might be related to the brand of modem used, the quality of the phone line, etc. The best thing to do is to try it out yourself and see!

Faster Upload

The same compression scheme can enable uploads, which however will not be that much faster (approximately 1-2 k/s more).

For more information about V.92 and V.44 protocols, please visit the Official V.92 website. It is important to mention that in order to have access to the V.92 functions, your modem needs to be updated with the latest drivers and have the right software (normally available on the manufacturer's website) for your modem.

Compatible Modems

If you have tested a V.92 modem and you know it has all the mentionned features, you can add a modem to our list.

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