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 +====== My dialup takes a long time to connect. How do I fix this? ======
 +If you are connecting with Windows 98 and it takes more than a minute, you can try the following configuration change to make it faster:
 +  * Go in My Computer
 +  * Go in Dial-Up Networking
 +  * Right-Click on the connection (generally named "VIF Internet"), and then click Properties
 +  * Click on the "Server Types" tab
 +  * Uncheck the following options:
 +    * Log on to network
 +    * NetBEUI
 +    * IPX/SPX
 +  * Click Apply, then OK and close all the other windows.
 +//**Note**: VIF Internet has discontinued support for Windows 3.1, 95, ME, NT3 and NT4 operating systems due to their age, as well as following Microsoft's end to those OS'es support. We continue support for Windows 98 because it is still popular to some users.//
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