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 +====== Error 691 when connecting to Dialup Internet ======
 +If you are receiving an error 691 or 734 when connecting to the Internet using Dialup (on Windows 98, XP) or High-Speed (on XP). The error can also read "Your username or password is invalid on the domain"​.
 +There are a few possible causes for this error:
 +  - **The obvious, your username or password is wrong.**\\ Before taking any step further, please make sure that you are typing your username and your password correctly. If you are not sure that your password is correct, erase it and type it in again. Remember that the username and password are Case Sensitive, and are normally all in small letters - so make sure your CAPS LOCKS is off. Also, the username and password never have spaces in them, so make sure there is none in them.\\ \\ 
 +  - **@vif.com in the username.** \\ If you are connecting to High-Speed on Windows XP or Windows Vista, please make sure that your username ends with @vif.com (//​username@vif.com//​),​ or you will get the error 691 or 734.\\ \\ 
 +  - **You are trying to use the username from an additional email address** \\ If you have created extra email addresses in your account, please remember that those accounts are email-specific,​ and that you cannot log into the internet using them. Make sure that the username is the one that was used to create the account, and not one from an extra email account.\\ \\ 
 +  - **Your account is disabled.**\\ ​ If you are sure that your username and password are correct, this might mean that your account has a [[#​what_is_a_double-connection_and_what_causes_it| double connection]]. If this is the case, please [[en:​contactus|call us]] to reactivate your account.\\ \\ 
 +  - **Your account is closed or does not exist.**\\ Of course if your account is closed for whatever reason, or if you did not open an account, you will not succeed in connecting. In order to be able to connect, you will need to call us to open (or reopen) an account, where we will give you a working username and password. Please note that if you signed up online, you must wait for one of our agents to call you to confirm the account creation as well as the configuration.
 +\\ \\ \\ 
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