Fixing the Imfamous Error 678!!!

Why error 678?? Well its because these modems might get set in European mode by default. We just have to change the VPI/VCI to 0/35

This is a fix for All Speedtouch Home modems that get error 678

  • 1. You have to add IP/Subnet/Gateway In the TCP/IP settings to access the speedtouch
    • IP:
    • Subnet:
    • Gateway:
    • DNS1:
    • DNS2:



  • 3. Click on the Bridge link on the left. Then delete click delete under the Bridging Ports. Anything you could delete, delete them.


  • 4. Click on PPTP link on the left. Delete all of the PPTP Connections you see.


  • 5. Click on Phonebook link. Then delete anything you could delete.


  • 6. Now you have to add new entries,
    • Enter in the first box : Br1
    • Enter in the second box: 0
    • Enter in the third box : 35
    • Then choose bridge in the dropdown box and click ADD


  • 7. Then go back to Bridge link. Make Sure you see :
    • First dropdown: Br1
    • Second Dropdown: LLC/SNAP
    • Then Click ADD
  • 8. And Finally click Save all in the left options.
  • 9. Now you could try to connect and see if it works! (No MORE 678!)
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