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 +====== Creating PPP over Ethernet Dial-Up Connections ======
 +PPP over Ethernet dial-up connections can be most conveniently created with the Dial-Up Connection Setup application provided with the protocol, which creates dial-up connections with all the correct settings at the click of a button.
 +  - Click the **Start** button on the taskbar and select **Run...** to bring up the **Run** dialog box. 
 +  - Type **RASPPPOE** in the edit field and click the **OK** button to run the **Dial-Up Connection Setup** application.
 +  - If the application quits with an error message, follow the advice it gives. 
 +  - A dialog box comes up with a combo box labeled **Query available PPP over Ethernet Services through Adapter:** at the top. Select the network adapter your broadband modem is connected to from the list. If the protocol is only operating on one network adapter, the box will be grayed out as there is no choice to make. 
 +  - Generally, it is **recommended** that you create a connection for an **adapter**, not for a specific service, so that it continues to work even if your service provider changes the server or service name. To do this, simply click the **Create a Dial-Up Connection for the selected Adapter** button now. Shortly afterwards, a shortcut to the new dial-up connection named **Connection through Adapter Name** should show up on your desktop. 
 +  - After you have created the connection(s) you need, click the **Exit** button to quit the application. 
 +  - Double-click the desktop icon for the dial-up connection you created. 
 +  - In the **Connect Connection Name** window, enter your user name and password if your service provider requires authentication. 
 +  - Click on the **Dial** button. If all goes well, you should be connected to the Internet almost instantly. If not, see Troubleshooting
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