Mac OS X Snow Leopard DSL High Speed Connection

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Go to Network
    System Preferences

  3. Click on Ethernet on the left side

  4. Select Create PPPoE Service from the Configure IPv4 list
    PPPoE Service

  5. Choose a name for this connection
    PPPoE Name

  6. Click apply

  7. Configure connection
    • Leave the PPPoE Service Name blank
    • Enter your VIF username followed by in the Account Name field
    • Enter your password in the Password field
    • Check the Remember this password box
    • Click connect

  8. You are now connected, to reconnect you can click on the new connection that appears on the left side of the network setting and click on the connect button

Error Messages

  • Missing in the Account Name field

  • Incorrect password
    Incorrect password

  • The phone line not properly plugged into the modem or wall jack or the line is out of service
    Phone line issue

  • The network cable is not properly plugged into the computer oro the modem is not turned on
    NOTE: The Ethernet light on the left side will be red when there is nothing plugged into the Ethernet plug on your computer or when the modem is not on
    Network cable issue
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