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 +===== Settings =====
 +Usually these Linksys are set in router mode so you should be able to get into them easily. \\ \\
 +**1.** To access the interface go here:
 +**2.** The username and password are both "**admin**"
 +**3.** Go on the "**Voice**" option, then go on "**Line 1**"
 +**4.** In this page, in the **user ID** and type in the "**telephone number**" as shown. \\ \\
 +Then, type in the "**password**" we provided with the telephone number (call us if you don't know it). \\ \\ 
 +At the very last, in the server address in **Register/Proxy Server**, type in "**sip1.vif.com**".
 +**5.** Go at the bottom of the page and clikc on "**Save Settings**". \\
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