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 +===== Step1: Advanced Settings =====
 +Usually these ATAs are set in router mode so you should be able to get into them easily. \\ \\
 +1. To access the interface go here:
 +{{en:voip1.jpg}} \\
 +2. Next you need to type in **"admin"** and press **enter** . The Advanced Settings will open up.
 +{{en:voip2.jpg}} \\
 +3. Notice the **"SIP Server"** , **"SIP User ID"** and **"Authenticate Password"** all have entries. 
 +  * **SIP Server:** Always enter **voip.vif.com**
 +  * **SIP User ID:** Given by the ISP and its mostly in the client's account
 +  * **Authenticate Password:** is also given by the ISP and in the client's account also.
 +4. These are info the client needs if ever the Grandstream HT-486 has been reset. Next we scroll down to **"Register Expiration"** \\
 +{{en:voip3.jpg}} \\
 +5. Always have **"Register Expiration"** set to **60** Seconds. Now we scroll down to **"Enable Call Features"** and **"Send DTMF"** \\
 +{{en:voip4.jpg}} \\
 +  * **"Enable Call Features"**: must be set to **Yes** 
 +  * **Send DTMF**: must be set to **via RTP (RFC2833)** (normally its put on in-audio which you must remove or else the voice mail box will not work.)
 +6. Now we head to **Reply to ICMP on WAN port** and **WAN Side HTTP Access** \\ 
 +  * **Reply to ICMP on WAN port**: Set to **YES** \\
 +  * **WAN Side HTTP Access**: Set to **YES** \\
 +7. Now go all the way to the bottom and click **Update**. \\
 +{{en:voip5.jpg}} \\ 
 +8. Then you will get this page \\
 +{{en:voip6.jpg}} \\
 +9. Before Rebooting we move onto the [[en:ht486s2|basic settings]].
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