Restore Factory Default Setting

Warning !!!

Restore the Factory Default Setting will DELETE all configuration information of the device. Please backup or print out all the settings before you approach to following steps. Grandstream will not take any responsibility if you lose all the parameters of setting and cannot connect to your service provider.

Please disconnect network cable and power cycle the unit before trying to reset the unit to factory default. The steps are as follows:

Step 1:
Find the MAC Address of the device. It is a 12 digits HEX number located on the bottom of the unit.

Step 2:
Encode the MAC address. Please use the following mapping:

  • 0-9 = 0-9
  • A = 22
  • B = 222
  • C = 2222
  • D = 33
  • E = 333
  • F = 3333

For example, if the MAC address is 000b8200e395, it should be encoded as “0002228200333395”.

Step 3:
To perform factory reset:

  • a. Press “***” or the LED button for voice prompt.
  • b. Enter “99” and get the voice prompt “Reset”.
  • c. Enter the encoded MAC address of the device.
  • d. Wait for 15 seconds.

The device will reboot automatically and restore to factory default setting.

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