High Speed Troubleshooting

Common Error Codes

Error 678

  • Remote Server does not respond
  • Make sure your DSL light on the modem is on and Stable. Make sure its not flashing.
  • If DSL light is flashing, unplug all phones and filters and try to see if the modem will sync.
  • If the DSL light is green and solid. Please go to Start/Run. Input the command “netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt” then restart the computer and try again.
  • Next thing is to check if the Ethernet or LAN light on the modem is on or not. If its not on, make sure that the ethernet cable is plugged in correctly. If it is it might be that the cable is defective. If the light is on that means the Modem should be working good.
  • Check to see if the modem he has might be a router modem. Here are the modems that might have a router function or might have a reset function that resets all the modem's config. **Speedstream 5667, 5367, 5260, 5660**, **Speedtouch Home** and **Speedtouch 510**, **Ovislink**. Check the modem guide section to find out how to fix this.
  • Lastly try to connect with the username: test@test and password: test. If it doesn't connect then we have to proceed in opening a ticket.

Error 691

  • Username and password Error.
  • Make sur your username has the @vif.com at the end. example: username@vif.com
  • With Windows XP the password sometimes disappears from the box so just retype your password.
  • You might have done a double connection with dial up, you have to call us to unblock your account
  • Your account might be closed because of a late payment or you might have asked to close the account

Error 718

  • PPP Timeout
  • Most likely this is a server problem. Please wait a few hours until it gets repaired. Contact administrator as soon as you notice this problem happening with a lot of clients.

Error 721

Error 769

  • Destination Unreachable
  • The only way to fix this problem is to reactivate your network card. Go fix it go to Start / Control Panel / Network Connections / Double click on Local Area Connection to reenable it. Then try to reconnect.
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