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 +====== General Information and Configuration ======
 +^ Dial-up Server Numbers ^^
 +| These servers are used for [[en:dialup]] clients for all plans.||
 +|  **Montreal:**| (514) 493-0671  |
 +|  **Ottawa/Hull:**| (613) 688-1266  |
 +|  **Quebec:**| (418) 266-3046  |
 +|  **Toronto:**| (416) 642-8491  |
 +|  **Sherbrooke:**| (819) 340-1008  |
 +|  **Joliette:**| (450) 960-9120  |
 +|  **Bromont:**| (450) 726-9120  |
 +|  **Victoriaville:**| (819) 980-9120  |
 +|  **Riviere du Loup:**| (418) 292-9120  |
 +|  **Drummondville:**| (819) 390-9120  |
 +|  **Chicoutimi:**| (418) 612-9120  |
 +|  **Trois Rivieres:**| (819) 601-9120  |
 +|  **Granby:**| (450) 574-9120  |
 +^ DNS Servers for Internet Access ^^
 +| These servers are only usefull for people connecting with older versions\\ of Unix and Macintosh systems, so they are normally not needed. ||
 +|  **Primary DNS:**| |
 +|  **Alternate DNS:**| |
 +^ Domain Name Servers (NS Servers) ^^
 +| These servers are used for pointing a domain name to our webserver,\\ for clients using our webhosting. Note that changes to a domain name\\ can take up to 48 hours to propagate to other ISPs. ||
 +|  **Primary NS:**| NS50.VIF.COM |
 +|  **Secondary NS:**| NS60.VIF.COM |
 +^ Mail and News Servers ^^
 +| **Incoming Mail Server (POP3):**| mail.vif.com |
 +| **Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):**| mail.vif.com |
 +| **News Server (NNTP):**| news.vif.com |
 +|The SMTP and NNTP servers do **not** require authentification.\\ None of the servers accept Secured connections.||
 +===== General F.A.Q. =====
 +=== Can you give me more information about your company? ===
 +VIF Internet has been in business for over 10 years, and is established in Montreal since it's foundation. Owned an operated by Canadians, we strive to offer the best, fastest and more stable connection and customer service possible! Our mission: to provide a Simplified Access to all users - no software, no complicated server names, no hidden fees. Just the plain, honest and simple truth.
 +\\ \\ 
 +=== Is VIF Internet hiring at the moment? ===
 +We are of course always looking for quality Technical Support personnel, so if you are good on the phone and with computers, if you know your way around most operating systems (Windows 9X and NT are required, MacOS and Unix are a plus) and around the internet, then we might have a place for you! Candidates must be bilingual and must have initiative to make decisions. People who have the ability to solve problems in an innovative way are considered with higher interest. You must show ability to handle large volume of calls and be able to be courteous and efficient with customers. Although technical knowledge is important, the choice of candidates will be greatly influenced by communication skills with customers. Simply go to [[http://service.vif.com/jobs.php?lang=en|this page]] and fill out the online form, your information will be kept in our database until we need someone. You can also send your resume at [[viftech@vif.com]]. People outside of Montreal that are NOT planning to move here in the future need not apply, as we only have an office in this city and do not plan to expand our offices out of the region. 
 +\\ \\ 
 +=== Is there a possibility to have a partnership with VIF Internet ===
 +Depending on what you have to offer, there might be space in our service for a partnership with you. Please send an email at info@vif.com with your proposition, where it will be reviewed. We do not guarantee a reply, but you should normally get one within a few days. 
 +\\ \\ 
 +=== Nothing here answers my question. How can I reach you? ===
 +Please visit our [[en:contactus|contact page]] for ways to reach us.
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