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 +===== Free ADSL Modems on LIQUIDATION!!! =====
 +We are now offering Free Modems on each ADSL Service bought. These modems are FREE (NOT RENTAL). Thats right. These modems are not on rental, they are yours to keep. 
 +**How can you get this modem?**
 +  - You need to sign up to one of our Internet services 
 +  - You need to come to our office to pick it up
 +  - These modems do not come with accessories, only the Modem and Power supply. 
 +  - These are Refurbished modems that are tested and work. 
 +You must remember, these modems are given to you for free when you come to sign up. Its optional you do not need to take this modem. 
 +These modems are all functional but depends on the area you are located because of new technology changes that Bell is placing. These modems will be good for temporary usage until you decide to buy our Brand new Versa Xpress Modems VER170PR that go for 80$ right now.  
 +**Which modem do you get?**
 +These modems are the Speedstream 5260/5360 series modems
 +2 Filtres and 1 Ethernet Cable = $15
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