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 +===== Firewall Software =====
 +Here are firewall software you can use on your computer to help prevent hacking and spyware on your computer. These software are not owned or maintained by VIF Internet.
 +  * **Windows XP Firewall** \\ The Windows XP firewall is adequate in most setups, and you can consider yourself safe and protected with it. To enable the Windows XP Firewall (SP1 and up), click on **Start**, **Control Panel**, **Windows Firewall**, then select **On (recommended)**. Under Windows XP Pre-SP1 (first version), click on **Start**, **Control Panel**, **Network Connections**, right-click on **Local Area Connection**, click **Properties**, then **Advanced**. Click the **Settings** button and check the **Protect my computer...** option. Click OK, then reboot your computer.\\ \\ 
 +  * [[http://www.zonelabs.com/store/content/home.jsp|ZoneLabs]] offers ZoneAlarm, a more configurable firewall for your needs. This software is not free however.
 +\\ \\ \\ 
 +**// VIF Internet does not support installing, configuring or using the following software. This page is provided for your convenience only, and VIF does not extends it's support in this area. //**
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