Webmail FAQ

What is WebMail?

Webmail is a system that provides you with access to your VIF Internet email account from anywhere around the world, as long as you have a working internet connection.

Where can I access WebMail?

You can access WebMail from email.vif.com and logon with your username and passwrd, or directly on our main website www.vif.com, and logon with the same information at the bottom of the site (in the red bar).

What username and password do I use?

You will need to use the first part of your email address as your username. For example, with johnsmith@vif.com as an email, the username would be johnsmith . Then, use the password that was setup when you opened your account or added the email.

Why am I not able to see all my emails, just the new ones?

Probably because your home computer is setup through Outlook to receive your emails. This means that only new emails that were received by our server since you last got them from Outlook will show on the WebMail.

If I use only WebMail, not Outlook, is that allright?

Yes, but you have to keep in mind that each email address has a limit of 50 megs of space on the server. If you regularly receive attachments, this space can fill up quickly and emails sent to you will bounce.

How do I setup WebMail so that my name appears when I send emails?

You need to go in Options , then Personal Information , and fill the information on this page. Then click Save Options. If there's any option you do not understand in this page, simply ignore it.

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