Webhosting FAQs

How many web pages can I fit in this 30 megs?

Approximately 30 000 pages of text can fit inside a 30 meg webspace. Of course, if you do a webpage you will also include images, which will take more space than normal text-only pages. So depending on what you put on your website, you will be able to put more or less pages. If you consider that 30 megs is the equivalent of 20 3¼ floppies, you will have a good idea of how much you can put on the website.

How many emails do I get with the webhosting plan?

You can have up to 6 seperate email boxes, but you can have an unlimited number of of email aliases. So if for example the emails sales@yourdomain.com, ventes@yourdomain.com, commerce@yourdomain.com are all read by the same person, and do not need to be in seperate boxes, then you would have 1 box for all 3, and the others would simply be aliases…

You can also configure an unlimited number of email forwardings, so an email sent to john@yourdomain.com could automatically be sent to johnsmith@isp.com.

What kind of server-side languages can I use (cgi/asp/php/cfml)?

We accept normal HTML files and PHP files on our server, as well as CGI/PERL scripts. We have Perl5 installed on the hosting server, so your scripts must be compatible with it for them to work.

Can I use this webhosting without a domain name?

No. The domain hosting was specifically designed for use with a domain name, and it is not possible to use it any other way.

Can I use multiple domain names on a single webhosting?

Yes, you can have up to 3 domain names on a single webhosting account. However, these domain names will point to the same space, the same files, and the same emails. If you wish your extra domain name(s) to point to a different page, you will need to create a new web hosting account (at the extra price of $9.95tx per month) for each different domain name.

I tried to upload cgi files in the /cgi-bin/ folder but it doesn't work. Why?

On our server the CGI BIN is actually the folder /cgi/. Simply create this folder and upload your .cgi or .pl files, and you will be able to use them. Remember to set the Execute permissions for all cgi files, or they will not run. Also, all text files have to be uploaded in ASCII mode, and this includes CGI files also.

I get a CGI error when I try to run my script. Where can I get help?

Unfortunately we cannot offer support for CGI scripting, so you will have to fix them on your own. You could start by doing a search on your favorite search engine (we recomment Google) for the error number or message you're getting, and you might find some answers.

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