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 +===== Payement through AccesD (Desjardins Online Banking) =====
 +Here is the method with which you can add our VIF Internet invoice to your Desjardins Online Banking (AccesD) profile, to pay it online.
 +First, you must receive your first invoice. On your invoice at the bottom-right corner of the invoice you will find your account number (under "​Account"​ or "​Compte"​). This is the number you will use as a Reference Number in Accesd:
 +{{:​en:​vif-invoice-account.jpg | Wouldn'​t we all want a $0 invoice?​}}\\ ​
 +==== Step-By-Step Instructions ====
 +  - Log into your [[https://​accesd.desjardins.com/​ | AccesD account]].
 +  - Click on **Pay bills** under the **Bills** section on the left.
 +  - Click on **Manage your bill file**.
 +  - Click on the **Add** button.
 +  - Under **Name of the organization:​**,​ enter **"​VIF"​**.
 +  - Click on **Search**.
 +  - Select "Vif internet inc." and click **Validate**.
 +  - Under **Reference no.**, enter your 9 digit account number.
 +  - Click on **Validate**.
 +==== To make a payment ====
 +  - Log into your [[https://​accesd.desjardins.com/​ | AccesD account]].
 +  - Click on **Pay bills** under the **Bills** section on the left.
 +  - Enter your payment amount in **Amount ($)** Next to the **Vif internet inc.** line, select **Now** as a frequency.
 +  - Select the bank account you want to pay from under **From the account of your choice:** and click on **Validate**.
 +==== Other Information ====
 +  * Desjardins sends us payment information once a day by Fax, and it can take 48 to 72 hours until we receive this payment. ​
 +  * Once your have registered our invoice online, you will be able to pay it through the phone (AccesD Phone) or through any Desjardins ATM.
 +  * Your account number is based on your contact phone number. **If your contact phone number changes, so does your account number**. In this case, you will need to go back to **Manage your bill file** and modify the account number for the new one (call us or wait for your next invoice).
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