Windows 98 (SE) and Windows ME New Connection Wizard Printable Version Go to the START menu on the bottom left of your screen then choose PROGRAMS, and then choose ACCESSORIES, INTERNET TOOLS and finally INTERNET CONNECTION WIZARD

This wizard will help you get connected to Internet. Select the THIRD option then click NEXT

Choose “I connect through a phone line and a modem” then click NEXT

Here enter the telephone number of our server, 493-0671, and if your in the area code 450 to enter 514 in the area code field

Enter here, in lower case your USERNAME and your PASSWORD, and then click on NEXT

Here simply erase “Connection to 4930671” and write VIF Internet instead then click on NEXT

If you want to configure your email, click on YES, then click on NEXT

Enter your full name, then click on NEXT

Enter your email adress, and then click on NEXT

Here, simply do the exact same thing than the image, and be sure to write in lower case, and then click on NEXT

Here, simply write your PASSWORD, in lower case in the password field, and then click on NEXT

Now, simply click on finish and your done!

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