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 +==== Configuriation avec la console cable ====
 +What happens when a client clicks on the reset button. It sets the modem back to router mode, but this modem doesn't work under the router function. So we have to flash back to bridge mode. To flash the modem you have to have a console cable and go have hyperterminal. Follow these instructions: 
 +  * Go to the hyperterminal. Start / Programs / Accessories / Communications / Hyperterminal
 +  * Next window just enter the name: Speedstream and press ok
 +  * Next window Choose **Connect Using:** **COM1** or **COM2** depends on where your serial cable is connected
 +  * Next window choose **Bit per second: 9600** , **Databits: 8** and press ok
 +  * Then you'll see the hyperterminal window just like this
 +  * Next follow these steps carefully
 +     * type: **admin** and press **enter**
 +     * type: **admin** and press **enter** again
 +     * type: **bridge add interface wan0** and press **enter**
 +     * type: **rfc1483 add trn rfc1483-0 atm 0 35 llc bridged** press **enter**
 +     * type: **bridge attach wan0 rfc1483-0** press **enter**
 +     * type: **sys config save** press **enter**
 +    "Make sure not to copy paste the command the hyperterminal doesn't like it"
 +  * Try to connect after and you should be able to get online.
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