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 +===== Speedstream 5667 Configuration =====
 +**Pour éviter l'erreur 678 avec ce modem**
 +  - Make sure the lights: power, dsl, enet are all on and stable
 +  - If they are all on and keep getting error 678 that means the modem has been reset and we need to reflash the modem with our console cable See Below
 +  - If you only see the modem's lights: Power, Enet, USB that means the modem's flash is dead and there is no way to fix this. The modem is 100% dead
 +  - If you only see the modem's lights: Power stable and the rest of the 4 lights flashing, that means someone reset the modem and the flash was deleted too at the same time. But luckly there is a fix for this. Check the Doing a hard flash section on the bottom
 +  * [[fr:5667console:|Configuring with the console cable]]
 +  * [[fr:5667flash:|Doing a Hard flash on the modem]]
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