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 +===== Change modem to Router mode =====
 +**How to configure the modem from Bridge to Router Mode**
 +  * First configure your network card with the following IP: , Subnet: and Gateway:
 +  * Next go to your webbrowser and type and press enter you'll see the main screen in the screen below
 +  * Click on **change to router mode** link on the left side and you'll see the next screen below
 +  * Click on Router and click change mode. You must restart the modem. So press on the Require restart link and you'll see this link
 +  * Press **yes** and click **Reboot**. Once its rebooted. Click on the **Simple Setup** button on the top left and you'll see this screen below
 +  * You'll see VPI = 0 and VCI = 35. Enter your **username@vif.com** and **password** and press **Set**. Wait 30 seconds and check if the internet is working. If not restart your modem and it should be set as a router function so it will connect to the internet automatically once you start your modem. Just open your internet explorer and browse.
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