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 +==== Configuration avec la console cable ====
 +What happens when a client clicks on the reset button. It sets the modem to a regular state with no VPI/VCI set. So we have to flash back the modem with the VPI/VCI. To flash the modem you have to have a console cable and go have hyperterminal. Follow these instructions: 
 +  * Go to the hyperterminal. Start / Programs / Accessories / Communications / Hyperterminal
 +  * Next window just enter the name: Speedstream and press ok
 +  * Next window Choose **Connect Using:** **COM1** or **COM2** depends on where your serial cable is connected
 +  * Next window choose **Bit per second: 9600** , **Databits: 8** and press ok
 +  * Then you'll see the hyperterminal window just like this
 +  * Next follow these steps carefully
 +     * type: **admin** and press **enter**
 +     * type: **admin** and press **enter** again
 +     * type: **rfc1483 del trn rfc1483-0** and press **enter**
 +     * type: **rfc1483 add trn rfc1483-0 atm 0 35 llc bridged** press **enter**
 +     * type: **bridge attach wan0 rfc1483-0** press **enter**
 +     * type: **sys config save** press **enter**
 +    "Make sure not to copy paste the command the hyperterminal doesn't like it"
 +  * Try to connect after and you should be able to get online.
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