Speedstream 5637 Configuration

ceci est pour Éviter d'avoir l'erreur 678 avec ce modem

  1. Make sure the lights: power, dsl, enet are all on and stable
  2. If they are all on and keep getting error 678 that means the modem has been reset and we need to reflash the modem with our console cable See Below
  3. If you only see the modem's lights: Power, Enet, USB that means the modem's flash is dead and there is no way to fix this. The modem is 100% dead
  4. If you only see the modem's lights: Power stable and the rest of the 4 lights flashing, that means someone reset the modem and the flash was deleted too at the same time. But luckly there is a fix for this. Check the Doing a hard flash section on the bottom
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