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 +===== To configure the Netgear with a PPPoE connection =====
 +**1.** Access the router by going to http://​ The username would be by default: **admin** and the password is: **password**.\\ {{en:​1-netgear.png|}}
 +**2.** Setting the PPPoE connection
 +  * Go on "​**Basic Setting**"​.\\
 +  * Click on "​**Yes**"​ for Require a Login\\
 +  * Put on "​**Other**"​ for Internet Service Provider\\
 +  * Then type in your vif user //​__name__//​ and //​__password__//​\\
 +  * Internet IP Address and DNS should be both on "**Get automatically from ISP**" \\ {{en:​2-netgear.png|}}
 +**3.** Click on "​**Apply**"​ and then click "​**OK**"​ to reboot the router.\\
 +\\ \\ \\
 +===== To configure the Netgear'​s Wireless settings =====
 +**On this page, you can set up the settings for your wirelss connection**
 +  * Name your wireless, the **SSID**. //example: NETGEAR//
 +  * The **Region**, the **Channel** and **Mode**, these settings, you can change them or leave them as it is. Only **Mode** will affect the speed.
 +  * The **Security Options** are the security of your wireless connection. You can use WEP or WPA-PSK. Depending on the selection it will give you different settings.
 +  * With **WEP**, the authentication type would be best to automatic and encryption strength, depending on you, at 64bit or 128bit. In **Passphrase**,​ you can type something then generate, you can select one of the //keys// that would be used for your wireless connection.
 +  * With **WPA-PSK**,​ you can type your own password
 +  * Then after all this, click on **Apply**
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