To configure the Netgear with a PPPoE connection

1. Access the router by going to The username would be by default: admin and the password is: password.

2. Setting the PPPoE connection

  • Go on “Basic Setting”.
  • Click on “Yes” for Require a Login
  • Put on “Other” for Internet Service Provider
  • Then type in your vif user name and password
  • Internet IP Address and DNS should be both on “Get automatically from ISP

3. Click on “Apply” and then click “OK” to reboot the router.

To configure the Netgear's Wireless settings

On this page, you can set up the settings for your wirelss connection

  • Name your wireless, the SSID. example: NETGEAR
  • The Region, the Channel and Mode, these settings, you can change them or leave them as it is. Only Mode will affect the speed.
  • The Security Options are the security of your wireless connection. You can use WEP or WPA-PSK. Depending on the selection it will give you different settings.
  • With WEP, the authentication type would be best to automatic and encryption strength, depending on you, at 64bit or 128bit. In Passphrase, you can type something then generate, you can select one of the keys that would be used for your wireless connection.
  • With WPA-PSK, you can type your own password
  • Then after all this, click on Apply

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