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 +====== Versa Xpress VX-VER170M Modem/Router ======
 +Here is the guide to put the VX-170M Modem/Router to Router Mode to make the PPPoE connection automatically.
 +  - First you must set your ip/subnet gateway to: \\  {{:en:ipconfig.png|}}
 +    - IP Address:
 +    - Subnet Mask:
 +    - Gateway:
 +    - Save the settings by pressing ok, ok, and close
 +  - Now type in the Internet Explorer or Firefox Browser
 +  - User/Pass will be admin/admin to login \\ {{:en:user.pass.png|}}
 +  - In the main page, press on **WAN** at the top and click on the **ppp** link just below it in the new page. \\ {{:en:ppp.png|}}
 +  - Click on **Add** at the bottom to create the user account for the login, it will open a new browser window so make sure you don't have a popup blocker. \\ {{:en:pppinterface.png|}}
 +    - **Protocol:** make sure its set to **PPPoE**
 +    - **Use DHCP:** make sure its set to **enable**
 +    - **Use DNS:** make sure its set to **enable**
 +    - **Default Route:** make sure its set to **enable**
 +    - **MTU:** change it to 1492
 +    - **Inactivity Timeout(mins):** set it to **Never Timeout**
 +    - **Security Protocol:** make sure it remains on **PAP**
 +    - **Login Name: and Password:** put in the vif username with the **@vif.com** at the end and your VIF Password
 +    - Finally press **Submit**
 +  - Now click on the **LAN** link on the left of the **WAN** link and put for **MTU** 1492 and press submit \\ {{:en:lanconfig.png|}}
 +  - Now you must enable the DHCP server by clicking on **DHCP Mode** at the top and from the drop down menu box choose: **DHCP Server** and press **Submit** \\ {{:en:dhcpserver.png|}}
 +  - Finally Choose the **ADMIN** link at the top and on the sub-menu click on **Commit and Reboot** and click on the **Commit** button to save all the changes and then once the page reloads press on **Reboot**. \\ {{:en:commit.png|}}
 +  - While your modem is rebooting, go back and put back your IP/subnet/gateway back to automatic and make sure its the same for the DNS. You will notice your IP / subnet / gateway block will now assign it automatically from the modem and you will now be able to connect and browse automatically!
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