Versa Xpress VX-VER170M Modem/Router

Here is the guide to put the VX-170M Modem/Router to Router Mode to make the PPPoE connection automatically.

  1. First you must set your ip/subnet gateway to:
    1. IP Address:
    2. Subnet Mask:
    3. Gateway:
    4. Save the settings by pressing ok, ok, and close
  2. Now type in the Internet Explorer or Firefox Browser
  3. User/Pass will be admin/admin to login
  4. In the main page, press on WAN at the top and click on the ppp link just below it in the new page.
  5. Click on Add at the bottom to create the user account for the login, it will open a new browser window so make sure you don't have a popup blocker.
    1. Protocol: make sure its set to PPPoE
    2. Use DHCP: make sure its set to enable
    3. Use DNS: make sure its set to enable
    4. Default Route: make sure its set to enable
    5. MTU: change it to 1492
    6. Inactivity Timeout(mins): set it to Never Timeout
    7. Security Protocol: make sure it remains on PAP
    8. Login Name: and Password: put in the vif username with the at the end and your VIF Password
    9. Finally press Submit
  6. Now click on the LAN link on the left of the WAN link and put for MTU 1492 and press submit
  7. Now you must enable the DHCP server by clicking on DHCP Mode at the top and from the drop down menu box choose: DHCP Server and press Submit
  8. Finally Choose the ADMIN link at the top and on the sub-menu click on Commit and Reboot and click on the Commit button to save all the changes and then once the page reloads press on Reboot.
  9. While your modem is rebooting, go back and put back your IP/subnet/gateway back to automatic and make sure its the same for the DNS. You will notice your IP / subnet / gateway block will now assign it automatically from the modem and you will now be able to connect and browse automatically!
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