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 +====== VIF Internet is Moving! ======
 +VIF Internet would like to announce to all our clients that we have moved to the following address:
 +** 368 Notre-Dame Street West, Suite 200, Montreal H2Y 1T9 **\\ 
 +([[http://​maps.google.com/​maps?​f=q&​hl=en&​geocode=&​time=&​date=&​ttype=&​q=368+Rue+Notre+Dame+Ouest,​+Montreal,​+Montr%C3%A9al,​+Quebec+H2Y,​+Canada&​sll=45.504753,​-73.557158&​sspn=0.006692,​0.014462&​ie=UTF8&​ll=45.503835,​-73.557211&​spn=0.003346,​0.007231&​z=17&​om=1&​start=0 | Google Maps]]) .\\ //PLEASE NOTE: Our phone numbers stay the same!//
 +VIF Internet will also be taking this opportunity to renew its image with a number of changes in our company. We have always been proud of the quality of our customer service and with the addition of the [[en:​resadsl|High-Speed]] service and more recently the [[en:​voip|Internet Telephony]] system as well as bundle packages, we are even more dedicated to offering services at a competitive price with unequalled quality. ​
 +[[en:​contactus|For more information on these new services, contact one of our agents]].
 +Sincerely,​\\ ​
 +From the whole team,​\\ ​
 +VIF Internet
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