Setting the Versa Xpress VER170PR In Router Mode

To configure the Versa Xpress modem/router to let it stay connected 24/7, you will need to edit a few configuration before log in into it.

1. Click on Start, then go on Control Panel.

2. Open Network Connection.

3. In here, you're going to choose your Local Area Connection which is your network adapter card. When you have it selected, right click and go to “Properties”.

4. In here, select Internet Protocols (TCP/IP), then click Properties.

5. Put the option on Use the following IP and put the IP address listed on the image. Then click on OK on the other windows, and everything.

6. Now, open a browser, in the address bar, type It will prompt you login window. Type admin for the User Name and password for the Password, then click OK.

7. In the modem interface, click on WAN.

8. Over here, your're going to edit the 3rd option.

9. Click on next, keep the same information on this page. Be Careful! Make sure it says VPI 0/VCI 35

10. Select PPP Over Ethernet (PPPoE) and click next.

11. Write down your User name and password in the case where it ask you to as shown. PLEASE do not check the 'Dial on Demand' button it will cause the modem to disconnect ALWAYS

12.Click next in this window. Do not modify anything you see in there

13. And finally, click on save and let it save the information that you changed.

14. One Final Step. Click on LAN on the left and choose the Enable DHCP Server Option and press Save/Reboot Button and wait 2 mins until it refreshes and the Modem is finally set in Router mode.

In a few minutes, try to browse the internet, you should be able to surf now. If it doesnt work, check the DSL Status to see if your connected or not.

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