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 +====== My dialup takes a long time to connect. How do I fix this? ======
 +If you are connecting with Windows 98 and it takes more than a minute, you can try the following configuration change to make it faster:
 +  * Go in My Computer
 +  * Go in Dial-Up Networking
 +  * Right-Click on the connection (generally named "VIF Internet"​),​ and then click Properties
 +  * Click on the "​Server Types" tab
 +  * Uncheck the following options:
 +    * Log on to network
 +    * NetBEUI
 +    * IPX/SPX
 +  * Click Apply, then OK and close all the other windows.
 +//**Note**: VIF Internet has discontinued support for Windows 3.1, 95, ME, NT3 and NT4 operating systems due to their age, as well as following Microsoft'​s end to those OS'es support. We continue support for Windows 98 because it is still popular to some users.//
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