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Line 90: Line 90:
  </​tr>​  </​tr>​
  <tr>  <tr>
- <td align="​right"><​span style="​color:​ #​ff0000">​*</​span><​b>​ADSL modem</​b></​td>​+ <td align="​right"><​span style="​color:​ #​ff0000">​*</​span><​b>​Modem</​b></​td>​
  <td valign="​top"​ align="​left"><​select name="​iModem">​  <td valign="​top"​ align="​left"><​select name="​iModem">​
  <option value=""></​option>​  <option value=""></​option>​
- <option value="​DSL modem not needed">​I already have an ADSL modem</​option>​+ <option value="​modem not needed">​I already have modem</​option>​
  <option value="​No Modem Needed">​Im taking Dial Up I do not need one</​option>​  <option value="​No Modem Needed">​Im taking Dial Up I do not need one</​option>​
- <option value="​Purchasing ​DSL modem">​I wish to buy an ADSL</​option>​ + <option value="​Purchasing modem">​I wish to buy an ADSL</​option>​ 
- <option value="​Renting ​DSL modem">​I wish to rent the modem</​option>​+ <option value="​Renting modem">​I wish to rent the modem</​option>​
 </​select></​td>​ </​select></​td>​
  </​tr>​  </​tr>​
Line 107: Line 107:
  <td valign="​top"​ align="​left"><​select name="​iPlan">​  <td valign="​top"​ align="​left"><​select name="​iPlan">​
  <option value=""></​option>​  <option value=""></​option>​
- <option value="​cable ​internet">Internet ​cable (coax)</​option>​ +        ​<option value="​Monthly ​cable 5Mb">Monthly ​cable 5Mb/s - $28.95</​option>​ 
- <option value="​adsl 34.95">Home monthly ADSL</​option>​ + <option value="​Yearly cable 5Mb">Yearly cable 5Mb/s - $299.40 + FREE install</​option>​ 
- <option value="​monthly dryploop adsl">Home monthly dryloop ADSL</​option>​ +        <option value="​Monthly cable UNLIMITED 5Mb">Monthly cable UNLIMITED 5Mb/s - $39.95</​option>​ 
- <option value="​Year adsl 28.95">Home yearly ADSL</​option>​ + <option value="​Monthly cable 8Mb">Monthly cable 8Mb/s - $34.95</​option>​ 
- <option value="​Year dryploop adsl">Home yearly dryloop ADSL</​option>​ + <option value="​Yearly cable 8Mb">Yearly cable 8Mb/s - $359.40 + FREE install</​option>​ 
- <option value="​AdslCorp3 58.95">​Corp Monthly ADSL</​option>​ +        <option value="​Monthly cable UNLIMITED 8Mb">​Monthly cable UNLIMITED 8Mb/s - $49.95</​option>​ 
- <option value="​corp dryploop adsl">Corp monthly dryloop ​ADSL</​option>​ + <option value="​"></​option>​ 
- <option value="​AdslCorp3Fix 75.95">Corp Monthly ​Static IP ADSL</​option>​ + <option value="​Monthly ADSL">​Monthly ADSL - $34.95</​option>​ 
- <option value="​AdslCorp4 79.95">Corp Monthly 6meg ADSL</​option>​ + <option value="​Yearly ADSL">Yearly ​ADSL - $359.40</​option>​ 
- <option value="​AdslCorp4Fix 88.95">Corp Monthly ​6meg Static ​IP ADSL</​option>​ + <option value="​Monthly ADSL DRYLOOP">​Monthly ADSL DRYLOOP - $44.95</​option>​ 
- <option value="​AdslCorp4Fix 199.95">Corp Monthly 6meg Static IP ADSL</​option>​ + <option value="​Yearly ADSL DRYLOOP">Yearly ​ADSL DRYLOOP - $479.40 + FREE install</​option>​ 
- <option value="​month unlim 14.95">​Monthly ​unlimited dialup 56k</​option>​ +        <option value="">​</​option>​ 
- <option value="​year unlim 12.95">​Yearly ​unlimited dialup 56k</​option>​ + <option value="​Monthly ​ADSL + IP Phone">​Monthly ​ADSL + IP Phone</​option>​ 
- <option value="​25h 9.95">​25 hours dialup ​per month</​option>​ + <option value="​Yearly ADSL + IP Phone">Yearly ​ADSL + IP Phone</​option>​ 
- <option value="​60h $10.95">60 hours dialup per month</​option>​+ <option value="​Monthly Cable + IP Phone">​Monthly ​Cable + IP Phone</​option>​ 
 + <option value="​Yearly Cable + IP Phone">​Yearly ​Cable + IP Phone</​option>​ 
 +        <option value="​"></​option>​ 
 + <option value="​year unlim 9.95">​Yearly unlimited ​dialup ​56k - $119.40</​option>​ 
 +        <option value=""></​option>​
  <option value="​webhosting 9.95">​webhosting service</​option>​  <option value="​webhosting 9.95">​webhosting service</​option>​
- <option value="​AntiSPAM 20.00">AntiSPAM filter</​option>​ +        ​<option value=""></​option>​ 
- <option value="​VOIP">​VOIP voice over IP telephony</​option>​+ <option value="​VOIP">​IP ​Phone</​option>​
 </​select></​td>​ </​select></​td>​
  </​tr>​  </​tr>​
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