How to switch to PortaOne system

If you are still on our older server and wish to switch to our new PortaOne system, the process is fairly simple but requires a change on both your equipment and ours. Since the steps differ from one ATA to another, please follow the steps in the proper section:

LINKSYS RT31P2 (Blue Router)

Step 1: Resync Linksys

This step is mandatory, and will not change your current configuration but will simply prepare the linksys for the new server. You will need to click the following link from a computer that is connected with a wire to one of the jacks in the back of the Linksys RT31P2 router:
Resync Linksys
When clicking the link you will be asked for your username and password for the router, simply enter admin in lowercase for both boxes and click OK, then close the Linksys administration page. Do not reboot until Step 3!.

Step 2: Preparation for Transfer

Once you have re-synced the linksys, please advise us by email or by phone that you want to transfer to PortaOne and that your ATA is already re-synced. You will need to provide us with the WAN Mac Address which is located on a sticker under the RT31P2, the lowest code on that sticker. With this we will prepare the new server for your arrival. Please note that with Linksys ATAs you can call us from the module itself, as the configuration and transfer do not interrupt the voice calls until step 3.

Step 3: Number Switch

The last step once the account is prepared will be for us to switch the number to the new server, and complete your router resync. Once the account is ready we will advise you (by phone if you called us or by email reply) that you can now reboot your Linksys. All you will need to do is to remove the power adapter from the Linksys (the small black wire), wait 30 seconds and plug it back in. Once this is done your service will have been transfered.

Grandstream HT-486

Since the Grandstream HT-486 cannot be automatically synced to our server, a manual modification of the ATA is necessary at the same time as we are creating the account and transfering the number.

You will need to call us from a telephone that is not connected to the Grandstream (for example, a cell phone or the wireless phone of a neighbor), but you need to be in front of a computer that is connected to the LAN jack of the Grandstream. We will create the account and give you instructions to change the Grandstream's configuration in one single step. Please prepare at least 15 minutes of time for this process.

If you wish to do the change of configuration yourself, here are some instructions:

Step 1: Account Creation

Call us or email us advising us that you wish to transfer to the PortaOne server and that you need us to create the PortaOne account. We will create this and automatically transfer the number to the new server, meaning you will not be able to receive phone calls until you complete Step 2.

Step 2: Configuration Change

When the account is ready we will reply with the configuration information (SIP UserID, Password and Server).

  • Open a browser and navigate to the Grandstream Administration Page.
  • If you cannot view the page, make sure your computer is connected to the LAN port of your Grandstream.
  • When asked for the password enter admin and click Login
  • Make sure you are under the Advanced Settings page.
  • Under SIP UserID, SIP Password and SIP Proxy, enter the information provided in the email
  • Click Update at the bottom of page, then click Reboot on the next page.
  • The service should be functional within 5 minutes.

Other ATAs

If you have your own ATA or are using a softphone to connect, you will need to call us to obtain the configuration information and let us transfer your account to PortaOne, however we cannot provide support for configuring your equipment or software.

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