The pages are not being displayed with the Ovislink modem

This problem occurs when there is an incompatibility issue with the network card.

For Win95-98-ME

  1. Start
  2. Settings
  3. Control Panel
  4. Network/Réseau
  5. Choose the TCP/IP thats related to your netword card and click “Properties”
  6. On the “IP Address” tab choose “Specify an IP Address”
  7. Enter manually
  8. Entrer for the “Subnet Mask”
  9. Then go in the “Gateway” tab
  10. Enter “” (thats the IP address of the modem) and click “Add”
  11. Go to the “DNS Configuration” tab
  12. ADD DNS and
  13. Put any type of name in the “Host” box et and write “” the “Domain” box
  14. Click ok to all the windows and then it will ask to restart your computer

For Win2k/Win XP

  1. Start
  2. Control Panel
  3. Network Connections (you might have to reclick another “Network Connections” depending of the XP configuration)
  4. Look for “Local Area Connection” which is related to your network card
  5. Make sure there is no “X” on the icon, If its there you have to reactivate the card by clicking the right button on the mouse and choose “enable”.
  6. Right click on the mouse and choose “Properties”
  7. Choose TCP/IP Internet Protocol and click “Properties”
  8. Choose “Specify an IP Address”
  9. Enter manually an IP address
  10. Enter for the “Subnet Mask”
  11. Add our DNS and
  12. In the gateway enter “” (The IP Address of the modem)

If the modem is correctly plugged and in router mode, the pages should display correctly now.

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