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 +====== Modem is not connecting or working ======
 +  - Ensure that the modem is well connected with the network card or USB
 +  - Ensure that the wire used is the same one as that comes with the modem for the network card (It is a crossover)
 +  - Ensure that the modem is connected directly with the telephone line without a filter and that the wire is not damaged
 +  - Ensure that the light "​Syn"​ is solid (means that the modem is in sync)
 +  - Ensure that the light "​Sys"​ flashes (means that the modem is operational)
 +  - Ensure that filters are installed on all the telephone sets in the house. Ask the customer to test by disconnecting all the filters in the house  ​
 +  - Ensure that the account of the customer is indeed regulated on the option "​UnlimitADSL29.95"​ and not on "​Unlimited14.95"​
 +  - Ensure that the network card or port USB of the customer is installed correctly. Sometimes "​Device Manager"​ of Windows does not show a conflict (the yellow exclamation),​ but the conflict is nevertheless present
 +  - Ensure that there isn't a red "​X"​ or a yellow "​!"​ on the network card. You can reactivate the network card while clicking with the right button and by choosing "​activate"​
 +  - Conflicts with the network cards are very difficult to solve by telephone. Suggest the customer to reinstall his network card. Some motherboards manage the "IRQ sharing"​ very badly and they often should be manually assigned in the BIOS. Do not make this operation with the customer, in extreme cases suggest him bring his computer here or go see a technician
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