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 +===== Recent Service News =====
 +The following news are pertaining to our plans and services. For your recent regular news, visit [[http://​www.vif.com/​|VIF.COM]]. For our network status and history, go to the [[http://​service.vif.com/​netstat.php?​lang=en| Network Status]].
 +==== Cable Internet Ultra limit change ====
 +** <​sup>​29/​08/​2007</​sup>​ ** Starting Octorber 1<​sup>​st</​sup>​ 2007, the Cable Internet Ultra service will no longer be unlimited. We have been advised by our providers that a 100GB (combined upload/​download) will be in effect on that date. All additional transfer will be billed at $1.<​sup>​50</​sup>​ with no limit. This change is also being applied with all other Cable Internet providers.
 +It is also of note that the additional transfer charges will be modified for our Lite and Regular plans in the next few weeks - we will keep you updated on this website.
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