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 +**Follow the steps below to configure the Mac OS X Leopard Dial up access.**
 +**How to Configure the Mac OS X Dial up Access**
 +  *1. From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences
 +  *2. Click the Network icon.
 +  *3. Click on the "​External Modem" option (or "​Internal Modem" as the case may be) in the menu on the left.
 +  *4. Enter the dial-up Telephone number, Username and password.
 +  *5. Click connect.
 +  *6. Ensure the box marked "Show modem status in the menu bar" is ticked and click "​Apply"​ to save the settings.
 +  *7. To start your dialup connection, you can either click "​Connect"​ or click the phone icon up near the   clock and choose the "​Connect Internal/​External Modem"​. You can use the same icon to disconnect.
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