Mac Mail

Note: Users who are launching Mac Mail for the first time you can skip directly to step 4.

  1. Open the Mail application.
    Open the Mail Application

  2. Open the preferences window by clicking Mail then Preferences… in your menu bar.
    Open the Preferences window

  3. Click the + to add an account.
    Preferences window

  4. Add Account
    • Enter your Full Name.
    • Enter your Email Address (including “” at the end).
    • Enter your Password. If your User Name is the same as the one used to connect to the internet, the password will also be the same as the one used to connect to the internet, otherwise it is the password specified when the email was created or the last password you have used for this User Name.
      Add Account

  5. Incoming Mail Server
    • Select “POP” or “IMAP” for Account Type.
    • Enter a short description for the email account.
    • Incoming Mail Server:
    • Enter your User Name (same as the Email Address from the previous step but without “” at the end).
    • Enter the same password as the previous step.
      Incoming Mail Server

  6. Outgoing Mail Server
    • Enter a short description for the outgoing mail server.
    • Outgoing Mail Server:
    • Do not select “Use Authentication”.
      Outgoing Mail Server

  7. Outgoing Mail Security
    • Do not select “Use Security Socket Layer (SSL)”.
      Outgoing Mail Security

  8. Account Summary
    • Review the changes. If there is something you wish to change click the “Go Back” button. If you wish to
      Review Changes

  9. Advanced Account Settings
    • Once the account has been created go to the advanced settings of that account by clicking the “Advanced” tab and remove the checkmark in the “Use SSL” checkbox.
      Note: IMAP users will have “IMAP” as account type in the “Accounts” column as well as “143” as “Port”.
      Advanced Account Settings

  10. Your email account has been set up. You can now close the Preferences window and begin retrieving and browsing your mail.
    Account has been fully set up

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