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-Starting ​March 1st we will now be billing 3$ on each invoices sent to our customers. If you would like to opt out in receiving invoices, please call us and we will be happy to put you on the online billing only+IMPORTANT NOTICE – CANADA POST 
 +Dear Customer, 
 +Due to Canada Post’s recent tiered stamp pricing, and to avoid additional charges on your invoices, please note that effective ​March 1st your invoices ​will be available online only. You can also save by making your payment by phone or online. If you wish to continue ​receiving ​your invoice by mail, please note that a $3.00 surcharge will be added to your monthly invoice. 
 +To view your invoice, simply follow these easy steps: ​   
 +1. VIF.COM 
 +2. Service to members 
 +3. View ​invoices 
 +4. User (login) name 
 +5. Password 
 +If you have any questions, please ​do not hesitate to call us at 514 353-9988. ​ Our offices are open from 8am to 9pm on weekdays ​and from 9am to 8pm on weekends. ​  
 +Thank you for choosing VIF Internet.
-In order to verify your bills online, please click on the link on the right called "View your invoices"​ and enter your username and password for your account in order to see your invoices. 
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