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 +===== Upgrading Firmware =====
 +[[http://​gratissip.dk/​firmware.html|GratisSIP Firmwares]] Here you will find the latest Grandstream HT-486 Firmwares Here is how the page looks like {{viftech:​gratissip.PNG}}
 +  * Step 1: Finding the firmware
 +    * To get the firmware you will need to right click on **"​Files"​** and copy the shortcut
 +    * Latests Firmware is: BT100_HT286_HT486:​ so right click on **Files** and copy the shortcut for this one
 +    * You could also go ahead and read the release notes if you want to see what kind of updates they have done
 +  * Step 2: Upgrading the firmware
 +     - Go in the Grandstream Web Interface and go in the Advanced Settings
 +     - Scroll down to **Firmware Upgrade and Provisioning:​** Follow These exact Steps  \\ {{viftech:​gratissip1.PNG}}
 +       - **Upgrade Via** = **HTTP**
 +       - **Firmware Server Path:** = **gratissip.dk/​firmwares/​download/​BT100_HT286_HT486/​** (remove http:// or else it won't fit)
 +       - **Config Server Path:** = **gratissip.dk/​firmwares/​download/​BT100_HT286_HT486/​** (remove http:// or else it won't fit)
 +       - **Automatic Upgrade:** = **Yes** and keep time as **10080**
 +       - Finally Click on **Always Check for New Firmware** ​
 +       - Click **Update** on the Bottom
 +       - Finally click **Reboot**
 +   * Make sure the Grandstream is connected to the internet whenever you try updating this. Meaning there should be an IP address being given to it either by a router or Via PPPoE (Check our PPPoE Guide for the Grandstream) or our Internal Static IPs (Static IPs we have to enter it manually)
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