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 +===== Step2: Basic Settings =====
 +1. Now click on Basic Settings on the top and you'll have DHCP and PPPoE Settings \\
 +{{en:​voip7.jpg}} \\
 +  * If Client already has a router, the page exactly how it is.
 +  * If Client doesn'​t have a router you need to set up the PPPoE account.
 +    - **PPPoE Account ID:** username@vif.com
 +    - **PPPoE Password:** pass
 +2. Scroll down and you'll have 
 +**NAT/​Bridge/​DHCP Server Information & Configuration**
 +{{en:​voip8.jpg}} \\
 +3. Actually you don't need to do anything here. Its just for advanced users who need to unblock some ports from the HT-486 Firewall. So Now we press **Update**. \\
 +{{en:​voip6.jpg}} \\
 +4. And now we press **Reboot**! Once the ATA stops blinking red it means the internet and phone is online!
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