Firewall Software

Here are firewall software you can use on your computer to help prevent hacking and spyware on your computer. These software are not owned or maintained by VIF Internet.

  • Windows XP Firewall
    The Windows XP firewall is adequate in most setups, and you can consider yourself safe and protected with it. To enable the Windows XP Firewall (SP1 and up), click on Start, Control Panel, Windows Firewall, then select On (recommended). Under Windows XP Pre-SP1 (first version), click on Start, Control Panel, Network Connections, right-click on Local Area Connection, click Properties, then Advanced. Click the Settings button and check the Protect my computer… option. Click OK, then reboot your computer.

  • ZoneLabs offers ZoneAlarm, a more configurable firewall for your needs. This software is not free however.

VIF Internet does not support installing, configuring or using the following software. This page is provided for your convenience only, and VIF does not extends it's support in this area.

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