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 +====== Enternet (VIF ADSL) Error Codes and solutions ======
 +==== TAP errors ====
 +This includes all of the 4 following messages: **Tap not present**; **Tap not ready**; **Failed to load tap driver**; **Failed to bind to tap**
 +=== Resolution: ===
 +  - Changing Filter Driver: Open Start -> Programs -> VIF Internet -> VIF ADSL. Go in the **Connections** menu, then click **Settings**. Go in the **Advanced** tab. Change the **Filter Driver** option to **Protocol Driver**. Click OK on both windows, close VIF ADSL, Reboot your computer and try again.
 +  - Reinstall VIF ADSL: Uninstall VIF ADSL from the Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs, and reinstall it (download it again from the [[en:​software | Software Downloads]] page).
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