Residential ADSL Services

ADSL High-Speed 5 Megs

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Monthly DSL at $26.95/month for the first 3 months!

DSL Lite 288k



Montly Plan Yearly Plan
No Rental / Purchase Only
Modem Purchase Options
Rental Included
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DryLoop (what is this?)
Installation fees of $20 apply

Purchase conditions

  • Yearly plans must be pre-paid for the whole year in advance during first month of service.
  • Service may not be available in all regions.
  • Service Fee of $30 for cancellation before activation.
  • Service must be unconditionnaly active for a minimum of 1 month starting activation date.
  • Service invoicing not dependant on usage. You are responsible for cancellation of your account if you do not wish to use it.
  • Service may only be terminated on the last day of billing period, with a minimum of 7 business days prior notice.
  • The speed of the service is dependant on conditions beyond our control and cannot be garanteed. No reimbursement or rebate is applied if your cannot reach the advertised speed.
  • Delay of 5 business days required to activate DSL service.
  • VIF Internet may discontinue any subscription at any time upon one week notice to the customer.
  • VIF Internet does not re-purchase used modems under any circumstance.
  • SoftCap of 100GB. Click here for details.
  • Modem package includes Modem, power supply, phone and ethernet cable, 2 filters.
  • Modem rental requires a $100 pre-payment which is credited to your account. Credit Card, Cash, Money Order or Interac only - no personal checks. Modem is sent at pre-payment reception.
  • Prices on this page do not include taxes.
  • Prices, policies and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Rental Modems MUST be returned at the end of service. If not returned after 30 days, an invoice will be sent to pay for the modem which allows you to keep it after its paid.
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