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       Windows ME New Connection Wizard
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  • 1. Go to the START menu on the bottom left of your screen then choose PROGRAMS, and then choose ACCESSORIES, INTERNET TOOLS and finally INTERNET CONNECTION WIZARD


  • 2. This wizard will help you get connected to Internet.
    Select the THIRD option then click NEXT


  • 3. Choose "I connect through a phone line and a modem" then click NEXT


  • 4. Here enter the telephone number of our server, 493-0671, and if your in
    the area code 450 to enter 514 in the area code field


  • 5. Enter here, in lower case your USERNAME and your PASSWORD, and then click on NEXT


  • 6. Here simply erase "Connection to 4930671" and write VIF Internet instead then click on NEXT


  • 7. If you want to configure your email, click on YES, then click on NEXT


  • 8. Enter your full name, then click on NEXT


  • 9. Enter your email address, and then click on NEXT


  • 10. Here, simply do the exact same thing than the image, and be sure
    to write in lower case, and then click on NEXT


  • 11. Here, simply write your PASSWORD, in lower case in the password field,
    and then click on NEXT


  • 12. Now, simply click on finish and your done!


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