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 +===== Change Broadmax Modem to Bridge Mode =====
 +Notice with this modem the Sync/PPPoE light has to be stable orange. ​
 +If its flashing green then someone has changed the modem into router mode. 
 +But these modems do not like **router mode** so in order to fix this problem, you need to change this back to **Bridge mode**. ​
 +Follow the instructions below.
 +  * To log onto the Broadmax you need to set your IP:,​ subnet:,​ gateway: to be able to log on to the Modem.
 +  * To access the Broadmax configuration tool, use your web browser to connect to the gateway for your network connection. If you have previously configured your Broadmax using the above instructions,​ this will be "​http://​"​ . A networking username and password box should appear. Enter the login name and password for your Broadmax. Click "​OK"​. Once you have this done; it will bring you to the "​Linkmax HSA300A Configuration"​ page. User/Pass: **broadmax** ​
 +  * Click on the link labeled "Modem / Router Configuration."​
 +  * On the "​Linkmax HSA300A Configuration"​ page select the "​Bridged (RFC 1483)" option and then click the "​Configure"​ button. The "​Bridge Configuration"​ page should appear
 +[[http://​wiki.vif.com/​|{{Bridge_config_3.gif}}]] ​
 +  * The "Modem IP Address"​ should be specified to The "​Subnet Mask" should be specified as The "​VPI/​VCI"​ should be specified as 0/35 on all newer DSL circuits and 8/35 on older DSL circuits. Click the "​Save"​ Button.
 +[[http://​wiki.vif.com/​|{{Bridge_vpi_4.gif}}]] ​
 +  *  You should now see a page that indicates your "​Configuration Success"​. You should now go back and reconfigure your network adapter to get an IP Address automatically. Please see the DSL configuration screenshots if you need help with this.
 +[[http://​wiki.vif.com/​|{{saved_6.gif}}]] ​
 +After all that the modem should be syncing correctly. You should see the orange light stable and you could get connected after
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