Change Broadmax Modem to Bridge Mode

Notice with this modem the Sync/PPPoE light has to be stable orange. If its flashing green then someone has changed the modem into router mode. But these modems do not like router mode so in order to fix this problem, you need to change this back to Bridge mode. Follow the instructions below.

  • To log onto the Broadmax you need to set your IP:, subnet:, gateway: to be able to log on to the Modem.

  • To access the Broadmax configuration tool, use your web browser to connect to the gateway for your network connection. If you have previously configured your Broadmax using the above instructions, this will be “” . A networking username and password box should appear. Enter the login name and password for your Broadmax. Click “OK”. Once you have this done; it will bring you to the “Linkmax HSA300A Configuration” page. User/Pass: broadmax

  • Click on the link labeled “Modem / Router Configuration.”

  • On the “Linkmax HSA300A Configuration” page select the “Bridged (RFC 1483)” option and then click the “Configure” button. The “Bridge Configuration” page should appear

  • The “Modem IP Address” should be specified to The “Subnet Mask” should be specified as The “VPI/VCI” should be specified as 0/35 on all newer DSL circuits and 8/35 on older DSL circuits. Click the “Save” Button.

  • You should now see a page that indicates your “Configuration Success”. You should now go back and reconfigure your network adapter to get an IP Address automatically. Please see the DSL configuration screenshots if you need help with this.

After all that the modem should be syncing correctly. You should see the orange light stable and you could get connected after

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