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 +===== Setting the  2Wire Modem In Router Mode =====
 +To configure the 2Wire 2701HG modem/​router to let it stay connected 24/7, you will need to edit a few configuration before log in into it.
 +1. Open a **browser**,​ in the address bar, type\\
 +2. Click on "​Internet Connection"​.\\
 +3. Click on "​Advanced Settings"​.\\
 +4. Enter VPI as "​0"​ and VCI as "​35"​.\\
 +5. Set ATM Encapsulation as "​Bridged LLC"​.\\
 +6. Set connection Type as "​PPPoE"​.\\
 +7. Enter your username, password and confirm password.\\
 +8. Set forced Upstream MTU as "​1492"​.\\
 +9. Click Save.\\
 +In a few minutes, try to browse the internet, you should be able to surf now.\\
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